Part 2 Program to Lawful Holder Model Contract


Type Pad Part 2 Lawful Holder Model Contract

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The provisions in our Part 2 Program ("Program") to Lawful Holder Model Agreement meets the requirements of the Part 2 Regulations.

  • QUICK and EASY – For most businesses, this agreement is an "out of the box" solution. You just fill in the blanks on the Model Agreement, print it and you’re ready to go. 
  • REUSE IT – Your business entity/practice can reuse our Model Agreement for every Part 2 Program relationship requiring one. 
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Even though our Model Agreement was developed to be an “out of the box” solution for Programs and their Lawful Holder business partners, the supporting annotated document guides you through the agreement, identifying potential issues and making suggestions for suitable modifications where applicable.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING - Sooner or later, someone from another Program or business is going to put their version of a Part 2 agreement in front of you. Our annotated Model Agreement helps you fully understand what you are committing your organization to when you sign on their dotted line. Moreover, you will be able to better identify any pitfalls or omissions the “other guys” may have in their agreement.
  • DOWNLOAD IT NOW! - As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive an email with instructions for downloading your copy of our Model Agreement and supporting documentation.


Here’s what get when you purchase our Part 2 Contract:

  • Model Agreement – You’ll receive a Part 2 compliant Model Agreement in both Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe (.pdf) formats. The MS Word version is fully editable and is ready for you to simply fill in the appropriate blanks. The extra .pdf version serves as a handy reference.
  • Annotated Version of our Model Agreement – A fully annotated PDF version of the Agreement containing embedded commentary and references/citations to the Part 2 and HIPAA regulations respectively.
  • Supporting Links – Our Model Agreement and supporting documents link to the relevant statutory/regulatory authority that underpins each clause in the Agreement where applicable.


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